Kyles’s Family

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“The Real Estate Professionals Family Relief Fund has been such a blessing for my family.  Our son has a rare and very difficult to treat form of brain cancer, so we were forced to seek treatment at UCLA Medical Center.   For over  eight months we have been paying for housing, food, gas, medical expenses and daily parking in Los Angeles while still  maintaining our Bakersfield residence.  As Realtors we know to always sock away money for a rainy day, but no could have expected the overwhelming costs to fight cancer and to support your family through the process.  While simply being away from your Real Estate practice for even a short time can have dire consequences to your practice.  The gracious gift from the Real Estate Professionals Family Relief Fund gave us the financial bridge and peace of mind to allow us to be with our son and to encourage him to keep on fighting his cancer.   From the bottom of our very humbled hearts……We want to thank all of the generous professionals who have given their time and hard earned donations to the Real Estate Professionals Family Relief Fund.  You are making a huge difference!   Blessings to all,  Kyle’s Family.”